Oxfam Great Britain Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2024

Full Time

Oxfam Great Britain Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2024

Job Specifications

The worldwide organization Oxfam holds the opinion that poverty is avoidable. It’s an injustice that is surmountable. We are store attendants, advocates for women’s rights, marathoners, emergency personnel, coffee growers, street vendors, goat herders, water engineers, policy specialists, and more. And we won’t give up until everyone can permanently live without poverty.

As a part of an international confederation of 21 organizations, Oxfam GB collaborates with local communities and partners in over 90 countries to carry out development, advocacy, and humanitarian work.

Our principles and dedication to preserving

Oxfam is dedicated to supporting the welfare of children, youth, adults, and beneficiaries that Oxfam GB works with. It is also committed to stopping any unwelcome behavior at work, including sexual harassment, exploitation, abuse, a lack of integrity, and financial wrongdoing. Through our code of conduct, Oxfam expects all employees and volunteers to uphold this commitment. Ensuring that only those who embody and uphold our principles are hired is something we take very seriously.

The position holder will complete the necessary training and has the responsibility of making sure they comprehend and adhere to the organization’s safeguarding rules.

Acceptable references and suitable screening checks—which may include background checks on criminal histories and terrorist financing—will be required for all job offers. A participant in the Inter-Agency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme is Oxfam GB.  By this Scheme, we shall ask prior employers of job candidates for information on any findings of sexual exploitation, abuse, and/or harassment during employment, as well as instances that were under investigation at the time of the applicant’s departure. The job candidate certifies that they have read and understood our recruiting processes by applying.

We welcome applications from candidates with a variety of backgrounds since we are dedicated to promoting gender equality and diversity throughout our business.


Since the early 1970s, we have concentrated on creating sustainable livelihoods, supplying water and sanitation, agriculture, climate research, gender, and humanitarian concerns to address the root causes of poverty and marginalization.

Job specifics

TEAM: Finance and Systems Division

LOCATION: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; TYPE OF CONTRACT: Fixed-Term

GRADE: C1 National Scholarship

OCCUPATION: As stated in the Oxfam Benefit Package WAGE: 37.5 hours weekly


We’re willing to discuss the kinds of flexible arrangements that could be suitable for you since we think that flexible working is essential to creating the Oxfam of the future. Although this is a full-time position, Oxfam provides several flexible schedule options, which applicants may explore during the interview process with the recruiting manager.


To deliver organizational results and support the achievement of program outcomes, the Finance and Systems team offers a proactive, solution-based approach to problem-solving and makes sure that the operational business requirements are efficiently managed.

The purpose of the job:

For all financial components of the nation’s strategy, the Head of Finance and Systems has total accountability and authority. This entails being responsible for the execution of specific areas of work within the Finance function, such as people management, and guaranteeing compliance with all pertinent Government, Donor, and Oxfam policies, procedures, and guidelines. It also entails ensuring timely and high-quality financial reports as required both internally and externally.


  • Senior IT Officer and Finance Coordinator jobs report to this post.
  • Field Finance teams’ control of their matrix



  • Management and Leadership
  • Led the finance and systems unit to guarantee the program received the greatest assistance possible and advised the national management team.
  • Ensuring that all system and financial operations run smoothly and adhere to all Oxfam policies and guidelines.

o Communicating with national managers to address issues about the efficient operation of program functions with system support and financing.

o Offer the operations management team strategic guidance.

o Directly assist the Country Director and the Programme Managers on the ground with all program and grant management issues to guarantee that the requirements for high-quality program creation and execution are fulfilled.

o Handling Finances

  • Lead the creation of the financial strategy to maximize the organization’s strategic position and financial performance.
  • Completely participate in the creation of organizational strategy for all aspects of the company, questioning presumptions and decisions when necessary, and offering advice and financial analysis for all plans, goals, projects, and activities.
  • Oversee internal audits to ensure that the financial data in the office is accurate and of the right quality.
  • Make that the financial systems of the organization are strong, compliant, and able to support both present operations and future expansion.
  • Collaborate with top teams to expand the company by developing plans and strategies, which include corporate budgeting procedures.
  • Build solid working connections and a high degree of credibility with external parties, such as the government and funders.
  • Make ensuring that the budget approval process is finished on time and that deadlines are fulfilled.
  • Make sure that budget review meetings are managed properly to guarantee that the right information is accessible for allocation choices.
  • Oversee the examination of the program’s monthly financial reconciliations and make sure that the amount of reviews and checks is done using a risk-based approach, and that any feedback is immediately provided and followed up on.
  • Oversee Oxfam’s foreign currency strategy and keep an eye on its effects all year round.
  • Ensure Oxfam operates lawfully and promptly highlights any new concerns via its programs.
  • In charge of communicating with the financing team to guarantee that all donor reporting specifications are fulfilled, including proposals, budgets, and necessary correspondence with Oxford, donors, and the HECA Regional financing section.
  • Make sure that all contracts and proposals are created with reasonable, dependable, and attainable financial inputs for program, support, indirect, and other expenses, among other cost categories.
  • Make sure the nation’s and the program’s finances are stable by providing the Leadership Team with an accurate picture of the financing pipeline, structural expenses, and restricted costs associated with finishing grants and programs.
  • Maintain risk supervision of the nation’s operations by making sure that monthly financial and non-financial reports are generated and sent to the Leadership Team, which in turn prompts significant steps to advance and enhance the nation’s operations.
  • Procedures for Month-End and Year-End
  • Make sure that Oxfam completes all month-end tasks on schedule, including the financing report, month-end balance sheet, month-end financial report, and ledger soft and hard closure.
  • Monthly financial reporting should be sent to the regional platform.
  • Make certain that the year-end consolidation review is completed on schedule and accurately, including the computation of restricted money.
  • Assist the financial departments in managing any concerns discovered during the audit process.

Data and Information Systems

  • In charge of executing the organizational information systems strategy program, operating within the confines of the organization to promote management information, communication, and information flow, and guaranteeing the proper use of technology-based systems
  • Makes certain that there is effective contact with the national information systems team, guaranteeing a suitable degree of coordination and cooperative working methods.
  • Ensure that basic standards and rules are being followed by providing ongoing monitoring of the IS process and daily operations.
  • Manage and supervise the IT department by keeping an eye on the IT infrastructure and offering suggestions for enhancements.


  • Keep a broad overview of Oxfam’s financial and system-related policies, processes, and procedures, and make sure that any changes are properly communicated and put into practice by conducting frequent evaluations.
  • Inform program management of any modifications or advancements in Ethiopian government policies, statutes, and legal requirements concerning the financial function.
  • Make that the program satisfies all system requirements, including those for OPAL, CRIMSON, and PeopleSoft Goal.
  • Assume responsibility for organizing audit preparations, identifying outside auditors, and assisting program personnel in getting ready for both internal and external audits.
  • Make ensuring that asset management complies with generally accepted accounting standards, donor requirements, and organizational policies.
  • Prepare and submit the annual report and other required documentation in coordination with the CMT.

Development of People and Management

Encourage and assist the Finance and Systems Team by offering direction, leadership, inspiration, and capacity development. Additionally, make sure that the team’s management adheres to Oxfam’s HR rules and procedures.

Oversee and grow the systems and financial departments of all Oxfam Ethiopia sites.

  • To apply matrix management responsibilities of financial professionals stationed in operational sites, establish effective relationships with program managers and other managers at all levels.

Ensures team members have access to opportunities for staff development, finds and closes capacity shortages, and offers team members continuous counseling and support.

Manage the life cycle of team members from pre-hire to leave with assistance from HR. This includes overseeing performance management procedures, developing personnel, and collaborating with HR on problems like disciplinary actions, among other things.

Supervise compliance with Oxfam’s minimal financial standards, which include anti-fraud, anti-bribery, and protection measures.

Establish yearly objectives for staff performance and conduct quarterly and annual staff performance evaluations – Let’s discuss the procedure.

Workplace Prerequisites

Above all, every person working with Oxfam GB must be able to:

Live up to our ideals of equity, solidarity, courage, empowerment, inclusivity, and accountability.

Our Principles

  • Equality: We think that every person has a right to the same opportunities and treatment under the law.
  • Empowerment: We value people’s agency and work to give them more control over their lives and the choices that affect them.
  • Solidarity: We reach across borders to assist, cooperate, and join forces in the pursuit of a fair and sustainable world.
  • Inclusivity: We appreciate the opinions and contributions of all individuals and communities in the struggle against injustice and poverty, and we accept variety and difference.
  • Accountability: We keep ourselves responsible to the people we work with and for, accepting responsibility for both our deeds and inactivity.
  • Courage: We act with belief in the righteousness of our causes and speak truth to power.

Make sure you adhere to our THREE NATIONAL VALUES:

  1. Be devoted to equal chances by exhibiting gender equality and cultural awareness.
  2. In all facets of your job, demonstrate a willingness to learn about and implement women’s rights, diversity, and inclusion, as well as gender mainstreaming.
  3. Commit to completing Oxfam’s safeguarding training and following relevant regulations to guarantee the safety of everyone who enters Oxfam.

Make sure you actively implement the twelve practices and the concepts of OxFAM’s feminist leadership approach in your job. Find out more about this by reading this:

To learn more about the implications of our organizational characteristics, feminist leadership style, and ideals for our daily operations, read this guide.

Two of the most relevant feminist leadership techniques for this job have been chosen by us; you may learn more about them here:

  1. Self-Awareness

2 Exchange of responsibility

3 Critical Thinking and Assessment

Skill Set, Background, Expertise, and Proficiency:


  • Post-graduate degree in Accounting, Business Administration, or a similar field and appropriate work experience; ten years of management experience in international non-governmental organizations, of which five years should be in supervisory or managing roles.
  • Proven track record of spearheading operational improvement implementations and tenacity in bringing about change in a difficult setting
  • Solid comprehension of information technology and information systems, including an awareness of its advancements and potential
  • The ability to manage and coordinate people and projects in a complex, multi-stakeholder, global, networked, and mostly virtual environment.
  • An emphasis on integrated collaboration and the development of a customer service mentality within the program team.
  • Take proactive measures to maintain efficiency and accountability at the interface between various departments and program teams within the nation.
  • Outstanding interpersonal communication abilities in both written and spoken English, along with strong persuasion and influence capabilities. able to achieve followership using a variety of strategies
  • Exhibited knowledge management awareness and comprehension within the organization
  • Excellent mental and analytical thinking abilities; capable of taking complicated problems and turning them into simple, doable plans and actions
  • Capabilities in team building, facilitation, motivation, and persuasive influencing
  • Solid comprehension of organizational dynamics and management responsibilities
  • Creating organizational plans and strategies for efficient financial management and assessing their efficacy
  • Exhibit leadership traits and methods of operation within the program team that support value addition, avoiding role duplication across functions, team empowerment and role enrichment, and a cost-effective culture among all functional managers.


How to Apply

To apply online, please upload your most recent resume and cover letter addressing how you meet the requirements listed in the job description via www.ethiojobs.net and the Oxfam internal/external application portal at https://jobs.oxfam.org.uk/vacancy/20846/description.

/or by no later than April 09, 2024, at https://jobs.oxfam.org.uk/internal/vacancy/20846/description.

Please be aware that only those on the shortlist will get communication.

To apply for this job please visit jobs.oxfam.org.uk.

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