Media and Technology Jobs in Ethiopia 2024

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Media and Technology Jobs in Ethiopia 2024

About Our Business:

A social company operated by Ethiopians, Whiz Kids Workshop was founded in 2005 to encourage a love of learning. We provide interesting instructional material about health, character development, literacy, and other topics using cutting-edge media and technology.

Our mission is to set up kids, young people, and families for success in life. Our four innovation platforms, Tsehai for Families (pregnancy to age 7), Tsehai Loves Learning (for children aged 3–10), Tibeb Girls (for adolescents aged 11–18), Youth Investigators (for youth above age 18), and Better Wellbeing Advocacy, which promotes developmental needs of each life cycle to policymakers and existing governmental structures, support our Social and Behavioural Change Communication (SBCC) initiatives, which target individuals and families across all stages of life.

We execute programs in a range of community settings and provide culturally appropriate material for a variety of media platforms. Acknowledged globally for our influence and inventiveness, we partner with governmental bodies, and regional and global associations to promote constructive transformation in the field of education and beyond.

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Project Synopsis

Ignite Culture, via the HEVA Fund, is assisting Tibeb Girls Innovation in launching commercial goods for its target communities and demographics as part of the ACP-EU Culture Programme (Eastern Africa) while guaranteeing long-term sustainability. The Tibeb Family learning platform makes use of freshly created e-learning material, merchandise, and the already-existing Tibeb Girls animated series. Amharic, English, and French are the three languages in which the platform is intended to be accessible. The mission of Tibeb Girls is to empower, educate, and engage young girls and boys globally, ages 10 to 18.

Description of the Role:

The main responsibility of the Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant will be to supervise the monitoring and assess the Tibeb Family Learning platform’s efficacy for the worldwide market. To facilitate user testing, a subset of families that speak the three languages will be chosen. In order to support decision-making and project improvements, the position entails creating and executing frameworks for monitoring and evaluation, supporting family discussions, gathering and analyzing data, and generating periodical reports.

Primary Accountabilities:

user examination

  • Using standardized measurements and reporting for digital platform testing, conduct A/B testing to optimize user experience, engagement, and performance metrics.
  • Organize a group of users to test the Tibeb Girls online application via standardized testing sessions.
  • Lead user testing sessions with three different kinds of families that speak Amharic, English, and French as the primary languages in a controlled setting to guarantee the attainment of targeted results and adherence to predetermined criteria.
  • Hold user testing sessions with the goal of assessing the Tibeb Girls online application’s usability, accessibility, interaction, and overall user experience.
  • Gather input and observations from user testing sessions to identify areas that need work and guide the web application’s iterative development.
  • Examine data from user testing and provide project stakeholders suggestions and insights for improving the Tibeb Girls online application’s usability and functionality.
  • Create a framework for monitoring and evaluation (M&E).
  • Create and implement thorough M&E frameworks that are adapted to the particular aims of the project including digital distribution platforms, making sure that they are in line with donor specifications and organizational objectives.

Gathering and Organising Data

  • Oversee the gathering of pertinent data to monitor the status and results of the project. Create instruments and procedures for gathering data, making sure that the information is accurate, timely, and comprehensive.
    Reporting, Documentation, and Data Analysis
  • Examine gathered information to evaluate project performance and the assessment report.
    Create a user review
    Create and distribute M&E reports that emphasize significant discoveries, emerging patterns, and suggested improvements to project stakeholders.

The job will last three weeks, ending in April 2024.

Workplace Prerequisites


  • ten years or more of experience in a comparable sector, or a bachelor’s or master’s degree in monitoring and evaluation, media and technology, statistics, social sciences, or international development.
  • shown expertise in developing and executing M&E frameworks for development initiatives, ideally in the creative or cultural fields.
  • strong analytical abilities with the capacity to decipher complicated data sets and provide useful insights.
  • proficiency with software and tools for data administration and analysis.
  • outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities, with the capacity to interact with a variety of stakeholders efficiently.
  • Proven capacity to prioritize work, function autonomously, and achieve deadlines in a hectic setting.
  • While not necessary, familiarity with digital marketing and distribution channels is preferred.
  • It is necessary to speak English fluently; knowledge of French is advantageous.
  • It is very desirable to have prior Whiz Kids Workshop experience.

How to Apply 

Please use BambooHR, our application, to apply. Kindly provide your proposal in response to this proposal, together with your resume and any supporting materials. The deadline for submitting all applications and supporting documents is April 3rd, 2024.

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