Kubik Ethiopia Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2024

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Kubik Ethiopia Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2024

Job Title: Materials Research Fellow

Location: Offsite Business Overview

Kubik is an environmentally-tech firm that aims to uplift everyone’s dignity by providing clean, affordable housing. Our goal is to provide accessible and inexpensive sustainable housing options by using plastic trash that is difficult to recycle to create low-carbon structures. Kubik turns plastic waste into reasonably priced, eco-friendly building materials. Our organization prioritizes women and their families, enabling them to take the lead in changing Africa into a more sustainable, wealthy, and just continent.

Our goal is to create chances for talented female professionals through our competitive wage package, family-friendly benefits, and professional development possibilities.


Through creative materials research, you will be instrumental in furthering our product development as a Materials Research Fellow at Kubik. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams to improve product performance, sustainability, and durability, with a focus on polymers and polymer composites. To match research efforts with project objectives, you will be expected to perform research, offer technical skills, and work closely with internal stakeholders. This part-time position accommodates your schedule and provides a unique chance to contribute to Kubik’s innovation journey. We strongly urge you to apply for this exciting position if you have a strong interest in materials science and are looking for a flexible career where you may have a significant influence.

Responsibilities include materials research and development and conducting studies on polymers and polymer composites to improve the sustainability, performance, and durability of Kubik’s products.

  • Work together with cross-functional teams to determine the materials needed and provide creative ways to accomplish project goals.
  • Assess the qualities, traits, and uses of different materials to maximize their fit for the particular use cases of Kubik.
  • Technical Advice and Expertise:
    • Offer technical advice and direction on the fundamentals of materials science, such as polymer chemistry, composite materials, and methods for material characterization.

Offer guidance on the selection of materials, formulation, processing, and testing techniques to enhance the usefulness and quality of Kubik products.

  • Keep up with developments in materials science research, industry trends, and emerging technologies to stimulate creativity and guide decision-making.
  • Product Optimisation and Enhancement:
    • Closely collaborate with product development teams to integrate cutting-edge materials and manufacturing methods into Kubik’s engineering and design processes.
  • Carry out performance assessments and feasibility studies to determine whether new materials and technologies are viable and feasible to include in Kubik’s product line.
  • Determine areas in which products may be improved and refined using technological insights and results from materials research.

Cooperation and communication: Coordinate materials research activities with project goals and objectives by working with internal stakeholders, such as engineers, designers, and project managers.

  • Effectively inform senior leadership, cross-functional teams, and technical advice and project updates based on research findings.
  • Develop alliances with outside research centers, educational institutions, and business leaders to pool resources and experience in materials science research.

Workplace Prerequisites


• Exhibited mastery in material science, concentrating on biocomposites, polymers, and natural fibers.

  • Skilled in the creation of sustainable materials and polymer processing processes.
  • Knowledge of the selection, processing, and reinforcing of fibers in the production of composites.
  • Capable of carrying out scientific studies, literature reviews, and research in the field of materials engineering.
  • Hands-on experience evaluating materials mechanically and physically to assess their performance and qualities.
  • Excellent teamwork, initiative, and communication skills when it comes to research discoveries.
  • Enthusiastic in developing sustainable materials and the circular economy to reduce their negative effects on the environment.
  • The capacity to lead sustainable innovation, operate autonomously, and adjust to changing technology.

A master’s degree in polymer engineering or a similar discipline; a solid foundation in material science, polymer processing, and fiber reinforcement; and prior experience doing research, developing products, and reporting are the qualifications that are needed.

EXPERIENCE: Seven years of experience in the workforce

Job Title: Sales and Marketing Manager

JOB SUMMARY: At Kubik, the Sales and Marketing Manager will be essential in managing marketing strategies, monitoring sales competitiveness, growing sales, diversifying clientele, and assuring operational excellence. Strategic planning, creative problem-solving, and capable leadership are essential for this position to grow Kubik’s market share and optimize income. A dynamic professional with a track record of creating and implementing sales strategies, building client relationships, launching marketing campaigns, and maximizing operational efficiency will make the ideal candidate. We strongly encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity if you have a strong desire to drive business success in the real estate development industry and thrive in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment.

Interacting with the Engineering Sector:
• Establish and preserve solid connections within the real estate engineering community.
• Get involved in industry events, conferences, and seminars to build relationships with important stakeholders and network.
• Work together with the engineering team to comprehend the technical facets of our products and convince prospective customers of their advantages.

Managing Pre-Sales Activities:

• Take care of all pre-sales activities, such as product demos, technical consultations, and solution presentations, in close collaboration with the engineering team.
• Support the creation of unique specifications, project plans, and proposals based on input from engineers and client requirements.
• Work together with internal departments to make sure pre-sales services are delivered and executed smoothly.
Digital and Physical Marketing: To effectively target the real estate community, develop and implement integrated marketing campaigns that utilize both digital and physical channels.
• Make use of digital marketing platforms and tools to increase brand awareness, lead generation, and customer interaction.
• To promote our goods and services, plan and coordinate in-person marketing events like workshops, product demonstrations, and networking gatherings.
Sales Strategy and Growth: • Create and carry out tactical sales plans to increase income and broaden the real estate sector’s consumer base.
• To grow sales volume and market share, find new partnerships and business opportunities in the engineering and real estate industries.
• To improve sales strategies and competitiveness, analyze market trends, the competitive environment, and customer feedback.
The quality of operations:
• Work together with cross-functional teams to guarantee that sales and marketing initiatives are executed and coordinated flawlessly.
• Assist sales and marketing teams to maximize output, customer satisfaction, and performance.
• Put in place efficient tracking and reporting systems to keep an eye on campaign performance, measure sales metrics, and pinpoint areas that need work.

Workplace Prerequisites
Competencies: • Comprehensive understanding of digital marketing tactics, resources, and platforms.
• Outstanding interpersonal, networking, and communication abilities.
• Capacity to effectively prioritize tasks, multitask, and collaborate in a fast-paced setting.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, engineering, or a similar discipline is necessary; a master’s degree is preferred.
• Demonstrated ability to interact with the engineering community and lead pre-sale initiatives in the real estate industry.

EXPERIENCE: Five years of experience in the workforce

How to Apply

At Kubik, we value diversity and inclusivity in our team. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Interested candidates can apply directly by sending their CVs to jobs@buildkubik.com with the subject line “ Material Research Fellow”

Application Deadline: April 4, 2024

To apply for this job email your details to jobs@buildkubik.com

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