Engineering NGO Vacancies in Ethiopia 2024

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Engineering NGO Vacancies in Ethiopia 2024

About Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger-USA is a worldwide humanitarian organization that takes direct action to combat the causes and consequences of hunger. We rescue the lives of malnourished children and help whole communities overcome hunger. With over 8,000 personnel in over 50 countries, our activities touched 17 million individuals in 2019.

About the Country Programme in Ethiopia

Since 1984, Action Against Hunger has been working in Ethiopia to address both chronic and acute needs through a multi-sectoral strategy that integrates nutrition, food security and livelihoods, WASH, and mental health and psychosocial support activities to have a meaningful impact on people’s resilience. Action Against Hunger presently works in six distinct areas (Tigray, Oromia, Somalia, Amhara, Benishangul Gumuz, and Gambella), with a portfolio of 20 million USD per year in emergency, resilience building, research, and innovation programs. Our national team consists of around 600 employees spread over 17 regional and satellite locations. In 2020/2021, our primary funders in Ethiopia will include BHA, ECHO, Europaid, UNHCR, UNICEF, GFFO, BPRM, SIDA, EHF, WFP, CIAA, and others.


I. Summary of Position

The job holder is responsible for ensuring that all WASH and ES-NFI standard criteria reflect Action Against Hunger (ACF) Ethiopia’s objective of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) and Shelter and Non-Food Items (ES-NFI) initiatives. Also, he or she would ensure that WASH planning and activities in impacted communities and institutions adhere to quality standards and humanistic values. The WASH Programme Manager (WASH PM) will also collaborate closely with ACF’s base and capital level WASH and Humanitarian Response teams, partners, and department officials at all levels. He or she will also act as the ACF’s point of contact with regional and local coordination platforms and consortiums for both WASH and ESNFI clusters.


Objective 1:- Help to implement AAH policies, positions, and tactics in the mission.

• Ensuring that planned WASH project implementations take into account the WASH strategy, key internal and external factors, stakeholders, ACF charter, 2021 strategic framework, policies (WaSH and other relevant sectors), national strategies, and other specific legal frameworks enforced by the donor/department.

• Assist with the implementation of ACF WASH responses at bases and regions, in conjunction with the field coordinator and base personnel, and by organizational rules, standards, processes, and agreed-upon implementation plans and budgets.


Objective 2: Contribute to the conceptualization or development of WaSH and ES-NFI programs.

• Support and ensure that WASH and ES_NFI initiatives are strategically planned based on humanitarian context/needs assessments of the intervention regions; aligned with WASH and ES-NFI Clusters, other relevant humanitarian actors, and the Do No Harm principles.

• Contribute to WASH and ES-NFI efforts by giving or drafting technical contributions for proposals (proposal narratives, budget, and LFA).

• Initiate and contribute to the development of hygiene and sanitation (H&S) tools and methods. Ensure that H&S activities are appropriately executed. Also, ensuring that such efforts result in supportive conditions for behavioral change and focused interventions.

· Closely monitor demanding and dynamic conditions on the ground in ACF operations areas/woredas with newly emergent WASH and ES-NFI demands. Contribute to strategic goals and reaction strategies, and coordinate execution by guidelines provided by appropriate agencies.


Objective 3: Ensure the quality and standards of project execution, monitoring, and reporting.

• Create locally relevant technical recommendations for the execution of WASH and ES_NFI programs.

• Monitor WASH project execution using quality monitoring plans and ACF techniques like as APR, DIP, and budget follow-up.

• Contribute to and encourage monthly budget follow-up and forecasting for projects.

• Conduct WASH feasibility studies, design water supply, sanitation, and shelter operations, including bill of quantities (BOQ), specifications, and drawings, and create DIP and tender documents for contracted-out projects.

• Ensure that WASH and ES-NFI activities are carried out by standards, and that water quality is monitored.

• Prepare and evaluate technical specifications details (including material specifications and cost breakdowns), as well as provide technical assistance for base-level WASH and ES-NFI operations.

• Prepare, compile, and submit monthly Activity Progress Reports (APRs) for WASH responses.

• Contribute to and analyze project reports, including donor reports, government quarter reports, monthly ACF reports, contextual assessment reports, KAP analysis, and terminal reports, and provide them to appropriate personnel.


Objective 4: Contribute to project quality implementation via monitoring and assessment (internal and external) of project efficacy and impact.

• Conduct WASH-related evaluations (need assessment, environmental effect, and feasibility), generate associated reports, and distribute the results promptly for feedback and improvement.

• Contribute to WASH assessments, monitoring, and evaluations, as well as the implementation of recommendations resulting from these procedures.

• Ensure that participatory evaluation, supervision, and monitoring of WASH programs are implemented collaboratively with relevant stakeholders at the field level.

• Prepare a WASH activity-mapping database (containing updates on building progress and GPS locations for pertinent facilities) and disseminate it as required.

• Ensure and follow up. WASH-related programs are appropriately planned, coded, collected, analyzed, reported, and recorded.

• Prepare several WASH-related success and case stories in partnership with the base MEAL.

• Participates actively in the recruitment and training of WASH personnel at all levels.


Objective 5: Contribute to the overall coordination and administration of the AAH’s WASH and ES_NFI responses.

• Contribute to the creation of emergency WASH and E-NFI plans and strategies.

• Keep careful track of emergent WASH and ES-NFI requirements on the ground, and coordinate response planning and implementation.

• Create a distribution strategy that includes targeting methodology, beneficiary criteria, registration, program location, kit content, distribution technique, and data collection/monitoring, all by the AAH distribution and targeting rules and program priorities.

• Represent AAH in various regional, zonal, and woreda WASH-related meetings, as well as humanitarian coordination forums, and communicate essential data with partner organizations and coordination bodies to ensure a coordinated and well-planned response in the sector.

• Ensure that base-level WaSH workers are advised and supported in achieving outcomes and meeting program goals.


Objective 6: Ensure AAH’s presence on national and local coordination forums with other stakeholders.

• Coordinate and ensure alignment of ACF WaSH responses at the base office with other stakeholders operating in the same intervention areas. Also, verify that no efforts are duplicated with other partners during WaSH responses in the intervention areas/woreda.

• Represent ACF in different important meetings regularly, promoting partnerships with government, local, and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as targeted communities in the intervention woredas and zones.

• Represent ACF in regional and zonal joint WaSH evaluations, surveillances, and task force meetings, and provide timely feedback.


II. Duty Station

• Gode Town, Shebele Zone, Somali Region.


III. Fiscal responsibility.

• Budget holder for WASH and ES-NFI initiatives at the ground level.


IV. Supervisorial Responsibilities

• Base WASH and ES-NFI teams.


V. Gender Equality Commitments

• Create an atmosphere that honors women and men and provides equal access to information.

• Establish a work climate in which women and men are assessed and promoted based on their abilities and performance.

• Respect all beneficiaries, including women, men, and children (boys and girls), regardless of gender, sexual orientation, handicap, or religion. Race, color, ancestry, national origin, age, and marital status.

• Appreciate and appreciate all cultures.


VI. Working Conditions, Transportation, and Environment

• The work requires consistent attendance at least five days a week. Must be available to work outside of regular office hours or on weekends as needed.

• Must be able to travel as needed for regular domestic and foreign business needs. While executing the tasks of this work in the field, the employee may be exposed to risky situations with significant security threats, as well as extremely basic living circumstances, outdoor weather conditions, and contagious illnesses.

Job Requirements

I. Required Qualifications and Professional Experience.

• A BSc degree in Engineering or equivalent in an area linked to water, sanitation and hygiene, water resources engineering, or hydraulic engineering, with at least six years of work experience. It is essential to have an engineering background and extensive emergency WASH response expertise.


II. Required Skills and Competencies.

• Familiar with WASH and ES-NFI emergency response, as well as sanitation and hygiene promotion methods (CLTSH, SLTSH, PHAST, CHAST, WASH’EM, sanitation marketing).

• Experience with engineering tools such as AutoCAD, WaterCAD, and EPHANET.

• Skilled in managing water, sanitation, and hygiene projects, including public health and engineering.

• Flexibility, accountability, devotion, and responsiveness in areas of duties.

• Significant awareness and expertise with donor obligations and reporting.

• interpersonal competence (team management, shown communication skills, reporting, autonomy, organizational skills, staff development).

• Decision-making and planning, job delegation, staff management, team building

• A willingness to be mobile and relocate immediately.

• Demonstrated experience working successfully in difficult-to-reach locations, working in diverse cultural settings, and understanding the socioeconomic characteristics of various parts of the nation.

• Understanding of WASH standards and ES-NF products.

• The ability to comprehend the community’s cultural context and apply it as input for work organization.



• Fluency (written and spoken) in both English and Somali is necessary.

• Knowledge of more than one local language is beneficial.

How To Apply


If interested, please email your application consisted of a non-returnable CV, a cover letter with “WASH Programme Manager – Somali – Gode” typed in the subject line, and three references.

To apply for this job please visit

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