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Consultants to Manage Projects by Cuso International


A worldwide organization dedicated to development and cooperation, Cuso Worldwide seeks to provide marginalized people access to social and economic possibilities. We are committed to working with our partners to achieve progress on climate action, enhance economic resilience, and promote social inclusion and gender equality. We think that we can create better futures by pooling our expertise. Cuso International was established in 1961 and operates in Africa, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean (LAC). Our goal is to create a just, inclusive, and sustainable world where everyone is respected for who they are and can engage fully in society.

Since 2015, Cuso International has been providing health and education programs in Ethiopia, with a focus on women and youth. Cuso International works in partnership with regional community-based organizations (CBOs), government agencies, and foreign specialists to implement development initiatives that have a significant national effect. In collaboration with the Institute of International Education (IIE), Cuso International is carrying out a project in Ethiopia’s Benishangul-Gumuz Region (BGR) that is supported by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) on behalf of the Canadian government.

Context of the U-GIRLS2 Initiative 

Since May 2020, Cuso CPO and IIE have collaborated to carry out a comprehensive project in BGR known as “Promoting Greater Access to University for GIRLS (U-GIRLS 2)”. The initiative aims to empower and educate high school girls in the area, ages 15 to 25, with the help of their communities, families, and the government. For the target secondary school girls attending seven target secondary schools, the initiative provides rigorous academic tutorials, English language instruction, training in leadership and life skills, material resources, a supporting mentoring program, and capacity development. The families of these targeted girls are also given training in agricultural innovation, financial literacy, and gender sensitization by the initiative. For those families involved in both business and agricultural operations, U-GIRLS 2 has supplied business inputs and will continue to give agriculture inputs.  To reach a larger audience, the project plans training sessions and community education initiatives to raise community understanding of the value of girls’ education and to boost community involvement in supporting girls’ education. Administrators and instructors have received training from the initiative to improve gender-equitable governance, administration, and delivery in the target secondary schools and partner government offices and bureaus.

Because poverty is multifaceted, reducing it requires an integrated, all-encompassing strategy that tackles its underlying causes in a long-term way. U-GIRLS 2 will make two distinct contributions to the fight against poverty. Its primary goal is to inform and encourage females to pursue higher education. Compared to their less educated colleagues, females with higher education are better equipped to enhance their own and their families’ quality of life. Second, via capacity development and need-based approaches to employment resources, the program aims to provide participants’ families access to resources for sustained economic growth.


The project’s particular goals are to:

• boost support from the community and families for girls between the ages of 15 and 25 who enroll in formal education;

• enhance the academic achievement, leadership potential, and independence of the targeted females between the ages of 15 and 25; and

  • Improve governance, administration, and gender-equitable education delivery at the regional, zonal, and woreda levels for girls between the ages of 15 and 25.
  • The various levels of results anticipated with targets through Year IV implementation will be provided upon request @


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How to Apply 

Submissions of tenders need to be supported by:

  • Company overview / Provide your resume and credentials if you’re a freelance consultant.
  • a copy of the current fiscal year’s renewed license
  • Proof of prior success on related projects and other relevant qualifications
  • Tenders must be sent in two (2) sealed envelopes with the bidder’s official seal or signature, clearly labeled “Original” and “Copy” for technical and financial purposes. The envelopes also need to include the bidder’s name, contact information, tender title, and tender reference number.
  • The tender document must be turned in by midnight (local time) on April 2nd at Cuso International, Ethiopia Country Office. After this date, tenders won’t be taken into consideration.
  • Cuso International maintains the right to accept, reject, or not accept this offer at all.



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